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Your projectors are only as good as your projector lamp. They play a key role in the workings of a projector and are an extremely complex technology, with varying specifications for each bulb that are developed at a great cost to the manufacture. With so many suppliers in the market, finding the right one can be overwhelming.

That is why we at Bluenest offer the right type of original projector lamps to make the job easier. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality projector lamps that are safe, reliable and provide the best viewing experience. The market is filled with non-genuine lamps that not only provide a mediocre service but also could damage the projectors. Our original projector lamps with brand hologram work to deliver optimal performance that exceeds your expectations and provide value to your money. Known for their versatility, our projector lamps are designed to work in conference rooms and academic projectors, classroom Smart and interactive boards, display walls, video walls, news, weather and media broadcasting equipment, museums, entertainment and sporting venues, and other applications.

Our sophisticated and original projector lamps with brand hologram are available online with competitive pricing so that you can enjoy the perks of superior performance at reasonable costs. Make the most of projector lamps with Bluenest.


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