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The real hero of a conference meeting is the device that holds the attention of the room and allows the people afar to communicate clearly. Our high audio quality USB speakerphones are those unsung heroes that are designed to provide excellent audio and flexibility.

With an aim to provide uncompromised quality, we provide the best audio quality speakerphones available online for home and office meetings. They are extremely easy to set up and a delight to use in professional group sessions.

Our enticing range of conference phones delivers the most robust, high standards-based interoperability in the industry without compromising the quality of sound by blocking out interference and noise. If you’re looking for a wireless set-up, then our Yamaha YVC 330 Portable USB & Bluetooth Conference Phone will come in extremely handy for you. They’re equipped with innovative SoundCap technology that helps eliminate background noise within a 3ft range and provides a distortion-free experience at the office.

On the other side of the coin is the Konftel ego Small & Compact Personal Speakerphone which is another one of our most sought-after product. They’re made for a personal experience and are as portable as they come. They’re equipped with the unique OmniSound® audio technology that delivers crystal-clear sound within the confines of your home. Their compact and convenient design makes them a favourite of many people.

With our best quality speakerphones by your side, you won’t have to walk on eggshells in your important client meetings. Just plug & install and put your mind at ease.


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