Elaborate systems like home theater have a way of interfering with the aesthetics of a home. Most home theaters have so much equipment, with so many cables, that it’s nearly impossible to set everything up without creating a horrendous mess. There’s an alternate option to stack up everything in a closet or a cabinet and control them remotely. But without an unobstructed path between the remote and the equipment it controls, this option is null and void.

This is where our high quality infrared (IR) remote control repeater kit comes in handy. If you don’t care about the technical stuff, let’s just say that the IR repeater is a convenient solution that allows you to arrange your hardware without having to worry about the line of sight for controlling your devices. The IR repeater kit takes the infrared (IR) light signals used by remote controls to send commands to your devices through walls and doors to your TV, Blu-ray or cable box etc. With this kit, you can place a receiver at a convenient place and control all the devices connected to the kit without any hassle.

Our high quality Infrared (IR) Remote Control Repeater Kit is available online and can be installed with just a few steps. Untangle your messy cables and embrace a systematic way to enjoy your entertainment. Experience true innovation of Infrared technology with Bluenest.


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